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The firsts keep on coming: First flight of a decent length with a pax.


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Yep, today after weeks and weeks of waiting I finally got to go for a long flight with a friend.


The victim willing participant was my friend Shane, who is currently studying for his PPL down at Moorabbin with Royal Vic. This was his first time in a recreational aircraft, so I was keen to get his feedback on what he thought about the flying experience in a Jabiru.


It was a perfect day for flying, and we spent a whole hour touring around the local area and finished off with some circuits. It was great fun. I couldn't wipe the smile off his face afterwards!


More details at my blog here.


Maybe I'll convince him to join the dark side Recreational Aviation family and have some real fun! 004_oh_yeah.gif.82b3078adb230b2d9519fd79c5873d7f.gif



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Yeah, I just read about that. That sux indeed!


I've had plenty of those days in recent history. But don't worry, a perfect day will come along and get you addicted again (or even more so!).


Aviation is a fickle mistress.... Keep the faith. pope.gif.f606ef85899745c40c103dff0622d758.gif



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I just visited your blog - well done! I'm very impressed. :thumb_up: (I actually wished I had done a similar thing when doing my training from first TIF to ... well, now I suppose.) I only have a few pics from others and a single video on youtube taken by a mate.


I'll keep returning to keep track of your journey.





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