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Oshkosh 2007


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Hi All


I was hoping to finally get to Oshkosh this year (it's in July).


I don't know where to start other then these already packaged up tours or do I just organise it all myself and take a tent???


Anyone else thinking of going? or if you went last year any hints or tips you can pass on?



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Guest brentc

I haven't been and know very little about it, but I can put you onto a few people that have.


I recall one of them telling me that they went on an organised tour. When they arrived the tour host went to WalMart and purchased a dozen tents and 2 dozen mattresses and they all camped. They had been expecting to camp, however they didn't realise that the accommodation was a spur of the moment thing.


For flights, try www.bestflights.com.au


Another mate went last time whilst his Mrs spent a fortune in Chicago. PM me if you want his number.



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Hi Ian,


I went there last year for the first time after many years of saying "must go to Oshkosh one day". Had a great time and recommend any-one interested in light aircraft to go at least once in their lifetime.


The place is Huuuge, and there is so much to see that you'll need at least four days and then you won't see everything. They usually get about 15,000 light aircraft flying in and staying a while during the duration of the event. Australia has about 12,000 aircraft in total on the registery, so imagine every single aircraft in Aus (including airliners) at the one airport at the one time!


Although EAA is primarily about home builts, it seems every-one in America (and many other countries) with a plane, product or aviation barrow to push is there to buy, sell, spruik, fly, or demo. Of course you can also spend three days just wandering down the flight line of vintage aircraft taking pictures and talking to the owners sitting on camp chairs under the wings.


We (my wife and I) flew into Chicago and then picked up a hire car at the airport and drove up to Oshkosh. Three hours due North and pretty easy to find. We stayed at one of the local schools on the edge of Oshkosh, and they provided a free shuttle down to the airport twice a day. Cost will be between $US45-$US55 a day depending on whether you want single or shared rooms. They close for a three month summer break, and so rent out their facilities for the convention.


I also joined EAA before leaving Australia, as I figured it would work out cheaper on entrance costs. Go to http://www.airventure.org/ for details and info on the whole shebang, and pm me if you want contact details for where we stayed or any more info.







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Oshkosh 2007 pics


A few pics from Oshkosh 2006.


Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes. Air Show runway behind




Some of the display area




Aircraft parking on the last day. Was full on day 1.




Loud ones




Old ones




"Am I seeing double?" ones




Big ones




(Can't seem to drive these big guys without the windows down!)

























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I first went with a mate in '92.


We flew to JFK about two weeks early and tripped about using some of those bulk ticket books that you could buy (before geting stateside) that gave you unlimited travel for 30 days anywhere in the US!


Those days are GONE.


We ended up in Oshkosh, and met up with some Aussies we knew, who got us into the University dorms, just kept a low profile!


In '02 I went back with one of those organised tours which included the University accommodation, but you had to find your own way back to the West coast to get home.


I met up with the wife in Toronto, and travelled back through Canada.


The organised tours are a good start for newbies!





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Guest David C

I have done a few Farnborough's and a couple of Paris Air Shows but Oshkosh is still the elusive one . The big one is on my list of must do's before I fly off into the sunset and make the final landing , I will do it though ....;) . By the way Bruce it was good to meet up with you at The Oaks yesterday and heres hoping to see you at " our big one " this coming weekend ..:big_grin: Have fun ..





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