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An important day for me: First flight with my Dad!

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After many years, today I finally got to fly with my Dad. He had flown all kinds of GA aircraft in the 60s and 70s, but hadn't flown at all until a few months ago when he was offered access to a friend's Cessna 210. He's now in the process of resurrecting his PPL.


I was nervous, because there were many other firsts today also:


1. First flight with my Dad


2. First flight in a J-170


3. First flight from a new airport (i.e. other than YBLT)


4. Dad's first flight in a recreational aircraft


5. First use of a lovely (and expensive) ANR headset.


It was an awesome day for flying, and we went all around the Latrobe Valley where I grew up.



He and I had a great time, and thankfully it all went well - I didn't scare him from going again!


Read the full story here. :thumb_up:



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