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Does anybody have any advice on handling stong wind at low altiude , it seems the best is to slow down and take longer in your turns.Whats the best way to handle it when youve got 20 to 30 knots with gust on top.Also out you have the thermals as well, any advice or help would be great .Cheers Sam



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Hi again Samuell


I guess there are 3 main things to think about in a low turn downwind:


  • aircraft inertia
  • wind shear
  • possibility of insufficient height to recover if it all turns to clay



The moral of the story is if you have to do it then do it right... balance rudder and aileron, and maintain a safe margin above the stall.


Very windy here today... northerly 20-40 but less on the ground. Watched a jet going west in the circuit towards Melbourne and he was almost sideways! Interesting when they are affected so. I stayed on the ground.





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Yeh , thats looking like the best advice, out even the 10 to 15 not winds can give you a hard time.Then you put thermals on top

it all gets a hand full at times.In the gusty wind it seems better if you slow down and in the turns just take more time and go a bit wider.



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