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With all the $$ spent on that they could have bought themselves an LSA and had some real fun. Nevertheless it is damned amazing!

$4.8 million would be alot to spend on an LSA and I bet they did enjoy building that amazing display.


Oh, for heaven sake. Imagine if all that effort had been put towards something useful (like, maybe a 1:1 scale model...) 003_cheezy_grin.gif.c5a94fc2937f61b556d8146a1bc97ef8.gif

I like full size too but I think that display is useful, it's part of Miniature wunderland which attracts over 900000 visitors each year, no where near that many people come over to look at my old ultralight, even if it is 1:1 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif


But each to thier own i guess..



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