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Cool but......


The Akoya is an amphibious LSA from the young French company Lisa Airplanes. The two-seater aircraft can reportedly land on water, snow or ground without additional modification. The aircraft is made entirely of composite materials and is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS FR 100 hp engine that runs on unleaded fuel. The aircraft has a max speed above 120 knots and a range of almost 700 miles. The aircraft's unique design includes hydrofoils that are connected to retractable landing gear outfitted with skis. The aircraft's tinted canopy allows pilots and passengers a 180-degree panoramic view. The Akoya's wings are foldable, dropping the aircraft's width to just under 13 ft. when not extended. Lisa Airplanes reports the aircraft can take off and land over less than 650 ft. It made its first flight in August 2007. Prototype test trials were completed in 2009Lisa Airplanes expects the Akoya to receive LSA certification during the summer of next year. The aircraft comes with a price tag of €300,000, which comes out to a little over $400,000 037_yikes.gif.f44636559f7f2c4c52637b7ff2322907.gif in American dollars. Lisa Airplanes says deliveries to first costumers will begin immediately afterward.


http://www.flyingmag.com/aircraft/lsasp ... ibious-lsa





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I already have a Lisa and I love her dearly (daughter 004_oh_yeah.gif.82b3078adb230b2d9519fd79c5873d7f.gif) but I'd like to add one of these to my family as well. As for the price, seems like they want all their development costs back in double quick time. There's no way production costs would necessitate that higher price.


For comparison, some years back Commodores were selling at just below $30,000. Actual manufacturing cost was $8,000. (Don't quote me, second hand figures)



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How much is that ICON going for.It looks very good.I remember it was expensive, but not as high as the one in the piccy.I reckon your Right Doug.Trying to recoup their developments costs over a short amount of aircraft from the production run.



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