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G'day all, finally got around to introducing myself.


Started flying many years ago, initial training in a Victa Airtourer,then flew Cessna 150, 172, 182 and my favourite a Piper Comanche. Gave up flying in favour of family commitments (you all know the story I'm sure) but decided a few years ago to get airborn again. It seemed Recreational Aviation was the way to go and so started my conversion in a Tecnam and later a Jab 230.It seemed the skills never left - just got a trifle... er... rusty!! .


Got my ticket and currently fly a Jab 160 on a hire basis.


Always dreamed of scratch building an aircraft, but the years slipped by so thought a kit build might have more chance of completion so have commenced construction of a Savannah VG XL. Fascinating project


Looking forward to being involved in this forum.





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Guest davidh10

Sounds good, Bob. Your story as you also assume is a very familiar one for quite a few. I just never got into it until a couple of years ago, but enjoying it now.



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You have joined a great bunch of people on this site Bob, let's face it all pilots are great anyway.Where are you located Bob and do you have an aproximate completion date for your Savannah?




I live in a rural district called Marrar about 30km north of Wagga in southern NSW.


I'm not working to a timeline on the Savannah: how long it takes is how long it does take, but it would be nice to fly in to Natfly 2013.





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