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Battling with landings........?


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Guest Maj Millard

Real happy I wasn't working in the wheel or wingtip shop that day !!!...........................................Maj...



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These were top USAF pilots trained at Area51 in Nevada.


Maybe part of the problem was when they were suddenly based in more windy climates with narrower strips.


Aside from Gary Powers, over 100 U2's were lost during the Cold War, but the data when they could get it gave the US the upper hand in tactics.



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A fairly good summary from Wikipedia here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_U-2


I saw a TR-1 or a TU-2 (more modern version used for mostly civilian tasks) at an airshow overseas about 15 years ago and the thing that struck me was the take off performance - not only did it leap off the ground after a ridiculously short run, but also climbed out at an impressive angle.


MUST go dig out some old VHS-C tapes and get onto DVD plus edit, there is some good stuff lurking there.



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