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Hi All


I have just made the first of the high user impact updates to the site by expanding and segmenting the forums into different categories that you can use to either just focus on the area of recreational aviation that interests you, or flick between other areas that may also interest you.


The categories apart from "All Forums" are:




General Aviation


Aircraft Building


Aviation Enthusiasts


This keeps in line with the expansion of the site to provide a much broader resource for everyone in non commercial aviation whilst at the same time expanding each area of interest further to provide more for you without being clogged with areas that may not be of interest to you yet making it easier to browse other areas that you may also be interested in.


There is still a lot of cleaning up of threads and posts, moving some threads into different forums where they are better placed and more. So in the next few days if threads are no longer where you thought they were it is very possible that they may have been moved...I apologise if this causes you any inconvenience.


I will also in the coming days be fine tuning the many areas to help you to use the segments better like changing the Search function in each segment to just search that segment or by clicking a checkbox, to search all forums...and other things that will help you in using the site far more productively.


For site members, the site will always remember what category of forums you were last in. This means if for example you are only interested in say Recreational, then when ever you come back to the site, the Recreational Forums will be displayed...likewise for General Aviation etc.


As noted above, this is the first of a couple of major changes so I will let you get use to this one first before I make the next major change which will be to a new domain (but this one will still work for you anyway).


Hope you find the expanded site much more useful



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I like the new format, especially the expanded building section. With reference to the thread I've got running dealing with Sport Pilot, I'd be happier to post my type of articles on this forum for nix than to submit them to the magazine for nix.


Just a question..... Can you include a" Suppliers" thread in there? Perhaps it would be fairest if you could work out which other categories would benefit from having a specific Suppliers thread. The stuff that I sell is not, for the most part, what Pilot Shop sells, so it would do us both well to be in separate areas. Provided of course you can see yourself clear to sending me an invoice for advertising on this site augie.gif.8d680d8e3ee1cb0d5cda5fa6ccce3b35.gif.





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OME...all the advertising etc will be addressed in a few months time with Stage 2 of the update...for example the Clear Prop Shop will no longer be needed to pay for the site costs and at the same time there won't be any advertising on the site as well...I won't explain how that is going to be done as that would give it away but please note that there will be something for you in the Stage 2 update which will happen once the site is transformed...please watch this space.


The whole concept of Stage 2 was thought of some 2 years ago and I wasn't sure if it could be done as it is a mammoth task and it has never been done on the internet before, so please just give me a couple of months to get it all done and you will see what is available for you.


For the last 2 weeks I have been paying a developer in the US to create an integral part of Stage 2 and when he has finished developing it, I will need to do some extensive testing first and then release it all to everyone but what I can tell you is that this site is going to be an incredible resource for every recreational aviator



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Empty forums do not an attractive website make. There are no less than 25 forums showing with no threads in them.


I know a forum has to start somewhere, but is this kind of micro-managing separation of content really useful, or helpful, or desirable? Doesn't it just make for a website that has a more spartan appearance, is much more time consuming to manage, and doesn't get eyeballs on posts outside of the "high traffic" areas.


Even IBM says folders are not that useful in so far as email goes, it's not a stretch to say this applies to forums also...




Just my 2c.



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The site is being rebuilt from the ground up and I haven't finished moving all the threads yet...you can see the Announcements and Site News forum has been cut down from over 40 pages of threads to less then 10 now. Many of the threads have been moved to other forums. Other threads that for example relate to old site development aspects have been deleted.


This is a mammoth task going through 28,000 threads one by one with each one being checked and either edited, deleted or moved to another forum that is more specific to the thread's content. When the entire site's transformation is completed, you will be able to see the whole result...the site will be completely different to what it has ever been before and will take a couple of months to get there. Once completed the site will basically be starting again however on a new track with many more features, functions and a better "tone". Although once the work commenced, all these issues were already known and expected but the end result will benefit all aviators in some way.



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