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Hello all


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Poser, you've got my vote.

Are you saying that because I am spending my kids inheritance keeping a Schoies PA28A fed and watered or do you like my rapier wit? (also feeding one of Dave's Jabs)



Col 050_sad_angel.gif.66bb54b0565953d04ff590616ca5018b.gif



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What are the main points of your campaign Col?

I'll get back to you. Major points will be

- We are a not for profit not a corporation with shareholders interested only in profits nor are we a social club where everyone know everyone and when thing get wobbly we rattle the tin - we need transparency, acountability, equiity and fairness and rules and procedures that reflect this and make sense.


- access to a wide range of airstrips and routes between those strips


- certainty for juniors, their parents and those that teach them and rent planes to them


- certainty to all classes of member and the planes they fly.


- getting the board out and about. I was at Bankstown to greet Dave but couldn't find him. RAA knew where he was but couldn't be bothered telling even though Caban and Tizzard hit the road to welcome him. This may have been a fear of using this site in case they got infected.


- getting RAA out and about - NatFly should not be the be all and end all. the pres is promising support for a flyin at monto (Qld) but how about SA and WA?


- I did time on the Federal council and executive of a big not for profit. I have that experience to offer as well as the experience of being a Professional Engineer for over 30 years.


I presume that the election will be announced in the next issue of SportPilot - whether it is total rerun or just an election between Mark and I don't know - the board went into camera for that bit.


Thanks for your interest - if you have some other ideas for us please don't hesitate in putting them up.




Col:sad angel:



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I agree with you that Natfly should be complemented by more fly ins, it's too restricting for many people, such as the rag and tube guys.


Getting the board out and about sounds good, but is very expensive, particularly flying the group into one location. Anything we do like that chews into member subscriptions, and is then reflected in the cost of flying. As the cost of flying goes up some members drop off. At present they are being replaced by new members, but it can reach a point where the drop offs exceed the new ones.


Web based communication is the way to go. Although you and I don't know each other, we've just exchanged ideas at no cost.



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The issue is that the board is invisible - even if they moved around one by one in their own regions and made themselves visible it would help. We don't need a caravan.




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