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First Solo Circuit !!!!!!!

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Today is a momentus day for me and only people like you can fully understand just how awsome it is to do your first solo circuit.


After waiting 30 years, today I realised a dream that for many years I thought would always remain just a dream.


I have done 14 hours of instruction and today I booked in with our CFI only because my usual instructor was not available. Little did I realise that today I would solo. After 3 nice circuits and one go around and a full stop landing that I really got right, the CFI told the ATC that he was getting out and I would be doing a solo circuit. That was the first I knew about it. Next thing he is gone and it is just me and the C172. I did not have time to worry about it, just did it. Landed a little harder than I would have liked but nothing serious and there it was, done!!


I landed about 3 hours ago, but it is going to take me many days to come down from this high!!!


Oh what a feeling!!!





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Hi Glint,


Well done, mate 026_cheers.gif.2a721e51b64009ae39ad1a09d8bf764e.gif - you're right you will not forget that first solo.......


Keep us posted with the rest of your progress...







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Great stuff Glint. It has to be one of the most awesome feelings you can experience. Congratulations mate, keep smiling cause your on top of the world.


We can tell by the sound of your writing.


Cheers Davo.107_score_010.gif.2fa64cd6c3a0f3d769ce8a3c21d3ff90.gif



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