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Anyone run auto lube system on there 582 ?

Doug Evans

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Has anyone using the 582 with the oil pump fitted ?


Are they reliable ,


do they meter oil flow at idle or pump a constent flow ?


I have always mixed my fuel but am thinking of using the oil pump with my new 582 !





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We started with a 532 Lightwing back in the early days and found that we learned how to run two strokes at about the same rate that Rotax was improving them, so by the 90's with oil injected bluehead 582's, we had virtually no problems with them.


The oil pumps do meter flow, but in two ways;


1. As the throttle is opened, so is the oil flow, this keeps the ratio right.


2. If you reduce the throttle, but 'push' the airplane (come down fast so the engine revs up even when closed) the pump, being driven by the engine, will run at a higher rate and add extra oil to make up for the higher revs.


This avoids over lean 'nip ups'


The other beauty is that you can add straight fuel to your tanks without having to mix all the time.


There's a few odd 'nay sayers' out there, but I was quite happy with the injection system.



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Think it's a market driven mod/addition


. The purists will premix and except for the situation Arthur covers, (power off descent) the premix does the job. It even lubricates the carbs. On the other side of the coin there are a lot of spoiled engines, where raw petrol was used by mistake. Also the situation on cross country trips is simplified by not having to mix fuel. If the fuel is left to evaporate it does not leave a thick residue as it does with premix, where you should run the carbs dry at the end of the day. Also premix goes off quicker than straight petrol does. These considerations may help you to make the choice. Nev



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