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In A Bit Of a Pickle


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So, I've got my Pterodactyl. Would love to get started working on it however there's a bit of a problem. I was told by the owner (who now lives in NZ) that the aircraft had full logs left with it at Calingiri. When I picked it up from the person who was storing it, he said that he had no logs or paperwork for it. This leaves me a bit stumped. I have no idea where to start. I was going to inspect and replace most of the aeroplane anyway but because there's no logs and I'm unsure of airframe or engine time. Do I have to strip the aeroplane and rebuild it with entirely new components to reset the hours to zero? Obviously the engine was going to be overhauled anyway but in my new maintenance log it asks for TTIS Engine and TSO Engine... So could I enter it as 0hours TTIS and 0hrs TSO for the engine overhaul?


Would I have to buy a new engine?





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Don't sweat. Lack of access to the original logbook/history is more a nuisance than a major problem. Your 'Terror Dacsfull' can fly again legally. You have a PM. Cheers



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