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Please note that I have made some small site changes and fixed a few bugs that have been found.


1. The "Log Out" button has been removed from the right side of the main menu and placed in the top right hand corner of the site. This is more in-line with being in the same place as where you login...makes sense to log in and log out from the same place. Note though, you don't have to physically log out if you don't want to as the site will automatically psuedo log you out after you leave the site but when you come back it will remember you easier so you don't have to keep logging back in. The Log Out is really only there for those that want to force a log out.


This also allows for extra room on the main menu for the "Blogs" menu item. I am just doing some final testing before they are implemented hopefully later today (Thur 17th Nov). I am also trying to import your blog entries from the old software so fingers crossed they will be in there when the Blogs are turned on.


2. I have fixed some bugs in the styling of your user profile page


3. There is a bug in the Video Library when it tries to automatically create a new thread in the forums when you add a video into the library. This function has currently been turned off until I can rectify it.


4. I have added little icons in the drop down of each menu item...just cosmetic niceties


5. I am also working on the ability for you to have animated avatars and hope to have that implemented soon...have to wait for our hosting company to install some software for me first...this could end up being a frightful display for some users 029_crazy.gif.9816c6ae32645165a9f09f734746de5f.gif


6. A bug has been fixed in the user menu drop down, on the right of the main menu, to do with your Post-It Notes function


7. The page you see when there isn't any more "What's New" items has been re-formatted to make it more pleasing to use


Remember, if there is anything you would like to see implemented here at Recreational Flying please let me know.



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My personal experience: animated avatars get very resource hungry when the page is full of them.

Yes I know, their use will have to be monitored to minimise impacts on the site performance...most users use a static image of their aircraft etc



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Is it possible to make the icon @ the left of the thread in the "what's new" link to the last unread post? now it points to original posters details. My android tablet seems to have a hissy every now and again and due to all the other links around the thread title I stuggle to get the right link unless its the top of the list.



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