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Team of Enthusiasts needed


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Hi All


Soon we will have a sister site started called AircraftGeeks.com which will be dedicated to all the Aviation Enthusiasts out there. It is hoped that it will provide an extra dimension to aviators here on Recreational Flying that have an interest in the Enthusiasts side like spotters, commercial aviation, etc.


The Enthusiasts section of Recreational Flying will be moved to AircraftGeeks.com and expanded to meet the needs of users however there will be a quick link between the two resources, Recreational Flying and Aircraft Geeks so users on either resource can simply click between the two if they are interested in both.


What I would like to know is if there are any interested people out there that would like to form a team together to run Aircraft Geeks.com?


I will do all the development for you, all you have to do is tell what features you want, what forums you want, what photo gallery you want etc etc etc and you guys as a team can run it.


This is a great opportunity for you to have all the resources that are available here at Recreational Flying like the video chat room, 1 to 1 instant chat, the powerful hosting etc at your disposal so you can create an incredible Aviation Enthusiasts community for everyone.


Please let me know...thanks!



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Not in my opinion Tomo with the vision that I see it as being, because it would be a site that would "compliment" this one, but not overlapping. It would have a menu bar instead of Pilot Tools it may have Commercial Aircraft tracking, or forums with new airline liveries (paint schemes), and instead of pilot trip reports, it would have trip reports of flying from one city to another in a commercial jet, posts would be like what airline is getting what new Boeing or Airbus this week. It could have Google Earth on best locations at different airports for spotting etc etc...all things that I thought would not be of interest to the "majority" of site users here, however those that do would also have the ability to have the best of both worlds with a mouse click.


Many Enthusiasts are also not pilots so their interest doesn't lay in what pilots are doing at Recreational Flying as well...that's the way I saw it in my head as I am also interested in these commercial things which, if added here, would be completely out of place for many users...for example say going to What's New and finding posts about a trip someone did in a 767...would be off putting to many users here.


I think that having a team of people who can make the Enthusiasts site dedicated to that specific interest group would be great for them and a bonus for some users here...even perhaps coaching some enthusiasts into real world flying...now that would be an even bigger bonus.


Like all good intentions it may work, or it may not, but by having a team of people to make it what they want would be giving it a great start especially being that they can leverage off the features that are here at Recreational Flying


But then again...I could be wrong...better to have tried and failed then not to have tried at all 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif just my 2c



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