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Hi everybody


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I have some problems with the language and the connection too. Anyway I will try to introduce myself . I started flying in 1969 in Rome (Italy) aboard the very nice FL3


(60 HP) tailwheel, wood and canvas a/c.. My first licence has been with a glider (Blanik L13). I like tailwheel a/c. . I had the chance to fly : American Champion Super Decathlon, Jodel D128, Cap10,




Now I feel an attraction with some one seat a/c like : Menestrel HN 34, Colibri MB2 and finally


with the Jurca Tempete but I need to prepare myself accordingly, because I'll be alone aboard since the first flight... "Take off is optional, soft landing ...mandatory "101_thank_you.gif.0bf9113ab8c9fe9c7ebb42709fda3359.gif (I just red here some minute ago)!



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