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The low cost Flying (PPC) Car


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For your interest:http://www.eaavideo.org/video.aspx?v=635469588001


The designer and his father were missionaries ...


Youtube of some deployments and flying footage.


Thanks suitman and cosmick for posting these two videos of this unique dual-tailwheel aircraft (well, it doesn't have a tricycle undercarriage does it!)



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I found this photo a while ago on a USA forum. I think the joker that owned it was trying to get it registered street legal.

Not sure if he ever succeeded? [ATTACH=full]16887[/ATTACH]

I would still like to know whether the PPC-car at the top of this thread could ever be registered in any Australian state. My understanding is that the first car imported would have to undergo a crash test and only if this passed could the vehicles of this type be registered. Perhaps, there is an exception for one-off situations?



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