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g'day all. renbo from qld ,i am building a radial powered scaled sopwith

hope to have it flying in about a year,depending on work ,money,


anyone like this sort of thing ?

Hi Renbo,


Sounds brilliant - good luck with it! There is a guy in Melbourne building a Sopwith Snipe replica - you may find some tips from him.


His blog is here :-




All the best - upload some pix at various stages so we can see!







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yeh ,mine is nothing like the snipe its the real m'coy mines just a small as it can be UL i will put some pics up ,but have to work out how to shrink them


cause it wont upload any,i have tried



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Many of these very attractive planes when scaled down can become very hard to fly. It's no good having one if you are scared to fly it so investigate the handling qualities of the plane you propose to build in it's final form. Some of them are light tnough to build almost full size, or in some instances can be full size.


Nearly all of them had a "rotary" radial engine . These are four stroke engines that have a stationary crankshaft and the engine (with the propeller attached) rotates about the crankshaft. These give them a lot of their character where they sound great have a lot of torque and therfore spin a very large propeller, giving them a good take-off and climb performance.


No-one has replicated one of these in miniature as far as I am aware, although there are some full sized ones running.


Scaled examples will have the usual drag, and need a fair bit of torque from a " largish" propeller to fly well. A geared motor will work better than a direct drive one in this situation. The usual control difficulty is directional... Nev



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