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  1. .......the AGM of the Victorian Speedway Association. Accusations of inappropriate behavioural touchpoints abound, Turbo took to the podium, drew a deep breath and said..... (PS hello chaps, long time no see!)
  2. I didn't learn back in the day, being only a relative newcomer from the early 2000s. But I did fly a Tomahawk up to GFPT, then later for NVFR and just for fun. I didn't find it to be scary at all or difficult to recover, although incipient spins were all that was allowed. It certainly didn't spin at the drop of a hat, but it did have quite a pronounced wing drop at stall. Accelerated spins in a Pitts S2B were much more of an eye opener. Agree though that spin training should be mandatory.
  3. The things you miss when away from the forum for awhile. Sad news, RIP Pud.
  4. Close, the other Bandit - we caught up in Alice last May for dinner with Nico and Roadbandit. Too many similar forum names! Nice Corby by the way, looks like it has been done up with a Christen Eagle paint/decal look.
  5. Gday ColdComfort, from another FarRider from the old days...... Bikes and planes really do mix!
  6. Me too (ed psych not medical though) - if there is real data out there, it is not being shared publicly and what has been shared is neither valid nor useful. Not that I think Jabiru deserves a free pass here, but a little more transparency and a whole lot more quantified data would go a long way. Anecdotally, I have seen a lot of mention about people approaching Jabiru with a failure, only to be told it was caused by poor maintenance or operator error. Has an alternative response ever been received?
  7. ....Ahlox's ar$ehole, for its propensity to let rip with explosive gases at the most inconvenient of times. At that moment, Loxy's derriere twitched, signalling his intent to emphasise Turbo's point for him. Turbo dived for cover, screaming......
  8. .....to the standard of the adoring fans in a clear case of coitus failus. Turbo wasn't prepared to ruin the coitus supremus reputation that his signature model had been built on, especially given that his own stash of chicks were starting to show a clear aversion to his magnetic......
  9. My money is on disorientation at night. Once I was downwind doing night circuits when I felt an overwhelming sensation that I was heading straight for the ground in level flight. With few visual cues on a dark night, it happens very quickly. Hypoxia could be an option, particularly if he was a heavy smoker (don't know if he was but it makes a difference). Carbon monoxide can lead to hallucinations, especially if primed by belief in aliens!
  10. Dare we ask what the second thing is? Hoping to shortcut my learning and maybe progress to three things before I reach 50 years of wedded bliss!
  11. Probably right there Frank - I would suspect that the financial return would be less than required.
  12. ....dating profiles from RSVP, eHarmony, and JabJabber, the latest place to meet and.....
  13. .....when the truckie pulled out a container that looked suspiciously like BBQ sauce. "I drained this from the sump of my Jabiru" he said, offering the sludge to Madge "and it tastes more than a little like......
  14. ..........person to have around in a sticky situation. Like that time we were swimming around in the molasses tank, and Andy came up with a different way of cleaning up, by......"
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