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Dream flight


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Now, I don't know about you guys, but I did not ever have a dream where I was flying and it was in a plane before I got my licence, so does that make this the real thing?


I also wonder if these blokes are the perfect blend of the Art and Craft of flying, because I am certain they don't just role up and jump of a cliff, or they would all be dead.


You simply can not fly like this fella does on luck and raw skill, so imagine the calculations of wind, air pressure, slope, temp, your weight on the day, and then cross reference it with the raw info they have about speed, altitude and rate of decent streaming on the head up display in the helmet.


As a pilot, it bends my mind.


These blokes are like fast jet fighter jocks that couldn't be bothered studying physics at school....041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif



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Is that the same guy that took his legs out wing-suiting in South Africa a few months back?

No. That was Jeb Corliss. I expect it will be some time before he can limp up another mountain.





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Guest pookemon

Great video. The best part of it is it shows how much control they really do have - especially the footage of him turning around the cliff about half way through it. Alot of people assume these are just base jumpers who throw themselves off a cliff - they don't realise that these guys are actually flying.



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Yes and even though it looks like they don't have many options when they're flying almost level to the ground and very low I reckon they must have some margin there and could likely trade some of that speed for a slower rate of descent - if not then they're crazy man!



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