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Hi All


Maybe someone can advise me the following


I read about all the new gadgets and iphones with there many aps but was wondering


I am at a bush airstrip with standard mobile phone and coverage, can i still phone somewhere and get a verbal weather report for the next leg of my trip? If so who do I ring and how ???



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Howdy, Check this out, https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/brief/docs/Using_METBRIEF.pdf or for people who dont like PDF.


Instructions on Using METBRIEF




METBRIEF is an automated briefing service that allows a caller to receive a full MET briefing over the phone via a high quality synthetic voice. MET products are requested using the phone key-pad, and entering a four digit product code.




NAIPS registration is required.


Contact Airservices Australia Helpdesk on 1800 801 960 or on-line at https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/brief/naipsreg.asp.


A Telstra Phone-away card is required and can be obtained from Telstra or the Airservices Publications Centre on 1300 306 630.




METBRIEF codes are 4 digit codes derived from the 4 digit location codes used previously for AVFAX and DECTALK. METBRIEF codes are available in ERSA at GEN-PF Appendix A. Specific location codes are based on the ARFOR area for the location e.g. 4001 (Brisbane MET – location in Area 40). ARFORs are xx00 (where xx is the forecast area).


In a Nutshell ……


1. Caller calls the 1800 805 150 briefing number and selects the DECTALK option.


2. Caller receives greeting “Welcome to Airservices Australia automated pilot met briefing”


3. Caller is requested to “Please enter the account number”. (Enter account number)


4. Caller is requested to “please enter the password then press hash” (enter the password and press hash). A pause while TINA validates the account number and password with NAIPS.


5. Caller is requested to “enter the code for location or group or press hash to terminate call” (enter one product code)


6. The selected product is read.


7. At the end of the product the caller is requested to “enter the code for location or group or press hash to terminate call”.


8. Continue to enter product codes at this prompt until all products have been read.


9. When all products have been read, select the hash key (#) or hang up.


After briefing, press ‘#’, ‘0’ to return to the operator.



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Thanks Redozbris


I was hoping for a simpler way


Seems one can get plenty of reports via the internet


but to phone up and get a computer generated verbal report goes to a new level



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I know in the US you can call someone for a local briefing, but the only service I am aware of that you can get a 'Voice' to talk to you in the Dect Talk from Air Services... PEMET is okay, I find it tends to cut things out from time to time, and it doesnt bother with the NOTAMS normally as well..



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Guest pookemon

ERSA lists the number to call for the AWS weather services when available - otherwise you could use the Airservices briefing on your phone if it's a smart phone and you have a signal.



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