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Viral Video of Man Flapping Wings and Flying


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The amount of people spraying this viral video around...AND who believe it... actually scares me a little. How easily the general population is misled blink.gif.7ee21b69ed31ab2b1903acc52ec4cc3f.gif




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From his (Smeets) blog:


"My back-of-the-napkin calculations say that we would need about 2000W of continuous power. Well-trained arms can output about 5% of that, so we will rely mainly on the motor for flapping the wings. Lightweight motors that output 2000W aren’t hard to find. My first goal is to stay in the air for about 5 minutes, therefore we will need a 166 watthour batterypack, which weighs around 1400 grams. Because human arms aren’t very strong, they will mainly function as guides, to control the flapping wing movements in a natural and intuitive way. These calculation are made for an ideal situation. Any inefficiencies aren’t taken into account, this will be found out by trial and error."


The blog post is also part of the hoax it seems. Craving 5 minutes of fame, must be a strong drug...



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