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Recreational Flying GPS Charts

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Hi All


This is more for those that have a Recreational Flying GPS unit or are thinking of purchasing one at NatFly or one in the future...some great news!


In June, Air Services is expected to be updating their WAC Charts...which ones I don't know at this stage however as you know the Recreational Flying GPS Units use the MapTrax WAC Charts with OziExplorer but the problem is MapTrax have ceased to trade.


The good news is we will be producing our own charts here at Aircraft Pilots. The charts will be more detailed, include airspace boundaries, 2,500 waypoints/airfields and be Australia wide at extremely low update prices. I have purchased the software to create them and Neil, from MapTrax, will get together with me just after Easter to assist in teaching me how to keep creating them for you. The software that I have purchased will also allow the importing of Google Earth overlays onto the charts as well.


The complete Australia wide "Test" chart pack is just over 4gig of data so we will be breaking it up possibly into East, South and West Australia with extensive overlaps (the units have 4gig of inbuilt storage) however, the remaining 1 gig can be stored on an SD card as an option that plugs into the unit if ever needed (i.e. Eastern States can have Broome etc on the SD card, NT users can have Tasmania on the SD card).



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Creating the charts is simply labour intensive and requires no financial outlay other then the software to create them which I have already purchased. The exact parameters will not be known until I have created a complete set on my own without Neil helping me to ascertain the time taken and how the updating can be incorporated into this site.


In regards of formats I will first do OziExplorer and then go from there. The focus on doing them wasn't needed until Air Services were going to update their WACs but I knew that when they did, I had to do something so I spoke to Neil from MapTrax and together, came up with a solution that would continue into the future. I have nearly 3 months to have it all done however I anticipate with Neil and I getting together just after Easter that I should be starting to release aviation charts in about a month



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