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And two more died in Victorian glider crash

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Its a shame. From the video the landing oportunities look good where they crashed.


Apparently the glider, a Puchacz, got way out of position and there was a lot of slack in the rope before the weak link broke. The Puchacz then rolled over and dived into the ground.



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...and two more tragically lost their lives in a Zenith CH-601 on the way back from the 75th anniversary of the NZ Air Force airshow:









Two die in fiery plane crash north of Auckland


Last updated 15:26 01/04/2012


Plane crash




Plane crash








in a larger map


Kaipara plane crash



Two people have died in a fiery microlight plane crash north of Auckland today.


Authorities confirmed the two-seater microlight crashed and burned at Fuller Road, South Head, Kaipara, about 90 kilometres north-west of Auckland.


Police said the plane - believed to have been en route from Ohakea to Dargaville - had crashed into a paddock and went missing after sending a distress call at about 1pm.


The crash was reported by the owner of the property about an hour later after he found it in the paddock, police said in a statement.


A helicopter with a medic on board attended the scene but found that both occupants of the plane died in the crash.


The aircraft was on fire when search and rescue staff arrived, St John duty operations manager Steve Walker said.


Police are now examining the scene and the Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed it will be investigating the accident.


CAA safety investigators Steve Walker and Matt Harris are expected to arrive at the scene tomorrow morning.



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