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Hi from WA.

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I'm from Perth WA.


I have been involved in 'aviation' activities since I was about 14y/o.


I have my GFPT (I have no need for a full licence) I enjoy gliding and am currently learning in the Jabiru.


I organise all flying and aviation activities for scouts in Western Australia.


My day-time activities are in OHS and Risk Management, if I can help anyone, please ask.


I have written the Risk Management Plans for 2 airshows, and a fly in of 100 aircraft last year into Langley Park Perth (next to the CBD).


Cheers, Hugh



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Welcome Hugh.


Lovely spot Langley Park. stayed there a couple of years ago right alongside the landing strip .


They tell me that Boy Scouts get cheap flying.


Is 68 too old to join, to get these benefits?augie.gif.8d680d8e3ee1cb0d5cda5fa6ccce3b35.gif







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