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Hi everybody,


Let me shortly introduce myself as a new European comer in this forum.


I'm leaving near Paris (France) but I spend my working weeks in other European countries .


During the last 2 years I was (and I'm still) working in Warsaw (Poland) .


I spend my saturdays and sundays trying to fly depending on weather conditions


I'm 60 years old, and as far as I remember since I was a child I always dreamed about planes & aviation.


I was a young Pilot when I was 20, then I stopped flying for a while during 20 years and then I became again Pilot 10 years ago (PPL(A). I'm piloting currently Socata TB10 but I used to pilot Rallye, RF6, CAP10, TB9...


In parallel I'm a flight sim user (FSX / IL2 ) for years and years, as my passion is aviation world (and aviation history).


I hope to share with you this passion.


Looking forward in reading your posts





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Bonjour Jacque,


Bienvenue. That's about as much French as I know ;).


If you like IL2, you should try Aces High 2. I've been playing flight sim for a long time too (fsx, warbirds, aces high) and only started real flying since October last year.





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