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  1. That’s ace...be good to see how you go.
  2. Thanks Yenn. That seems to be the consensus...Looks like a new one is on the cards.
  3. Yea..I’ve enquired to see if it’s worthwhile. If anyone’s had one replaced it’d be good to know if it’s been worth it. Seems such a waste to just bin it.
  4. Has anyone had a Fastfind 220 battery replaced? Looks like the folks on amsa site are not there anymore and the ‘new’ company doesn’t support these now. Ak
  5. That is a fat bird. Couple that I know are in the 370-380kg (815-840lb) mark. I assume the picture in your avatar is yours? She looks real pretty! Ak Ps: welcome to the forum!
  6. On the topic of old films, I’ve been watching this old TV show on YouTube recently:
  7. Thanks JW, much appreciate the info. The idea of basing ourselves in Cairns is a good one. But sounds like be prepared for a lot if sitting around waiting for weather, plan early morning flights and maybe just basing ourselves in Cairns and go from there. It will depend how much time we have. Early stages of planning so not sure how much time he’ll have yet. If it’s too dicy we’ll probably just fly commercial.
  8. Thinking of a trip up north, probably as far as Cairns, with my brother who’s visiting from the US. What is it like during the November period for flying in the top end?
  9. Saw santa on the horizon on Sunday. [ATTACH]37682[/ATTACH]
  10. I’ve been following Trent Palmer’s low & slow flight to Oshkosh. Day 3 (I think has the Draco...spectacular entrance). Ak
  11. Geoff, are you referring to the "on the spot" issue of Class2 medical?...From CASA website: On the spot Class 2 aviation medical certification (from 4 April 2018) (https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/changes-medical-certification) [email protected][/uSER] I haven't followed the other thread, but have they not implemented this? I let my medical lapse because I was just flying RAA but I will want to get it back later this year so I was looking forward to this process. [EDIT] Or do you mean the "Basic Class 2 medical" as Jaba-who inferred that allows the GP to approve? Ak
  12. I’ve thought about and posted about this before but scrapped it because legally you’re not allowed to ride them on public roads. Similar to segways which is a real shame. Some of these monowheel ones have large wheels and are advertised as 10-13kg which would be ideal for the luggage compartment in most planes and good for country roads. Ak
  13. FunforLouis is a nice series...he’s not a pilot so the vlog is more about the trip and the destinations (for the Beyond Borders doco) making it sound easier than it actually is. However Matt Guthmiller (19yr old ‘earthrounder’) who joins he trip from the US east coast to Europe posts his own vlog of the Greenland leg with an aviation take on the ocean crossing. Ak
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