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Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 2

Keith Page

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Has anyone used the new Shell 2-stroke Oil from Shell Aviation?


I am wondering how good it is and what is the price?008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gif


See Rotax have a mention in the add.


The add reads well in the R.A.Aus mag, however all adds read well however the product lets the add down. Just wondering?


What do you all think?017_happy_dance.gif.8a199466e9bd67cc25ecc8b442db76ba.gif




Keith Page..



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Guest nunans

I've been using it on my 503 since prior to bert flood having it, I did the whole search the web and read every opinion out there so i could make an informed decision and while i was searching I found it on the Aeroshell website. It's probably no better or worse than all the other 2 stroke oils and it isn't cheap but not much in aviaion is, I think i'll keep using it because it's just one less thing to try and get right (it has Rotax on the label and i think lots of aircraft around the world use aeroshell oils so i don't think it'll do any harm). There are so many variables in ultralights it's a battle to get a combination that works..



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