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Do GA hours count towards RAA training?

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Hi there,


I have been trying to catch up on some of my training when I have been home this week but to no avail - the wind has been far too strong to even attempt flying. The issue is I go back to uni at the end of this week and there is a pretty good chance that I will not have flown at all in this time, which means by the time I get back for my next round of holidays (Which are around a month long) I will not have flown since January, which worries me...


I could do some lessons with the GA school when I am away for uni in one of their Piper Warriors which would mean it at least wouldn't be such a massive gap between flying for me. What I want to know is do hours in GA count for RAA? For example, if I were to have 2 hours GA and 18 RAA would that count as the 20 needed to take the RAA flight test? Obviously it is highly unlikely anyone would get their certificate in just these 20 hours but just hypothetically? Or would I need to have 20 hours in RAA aircraft with an RAA instructor no matter what?


The weather is annoying me to a massive extent... I was planning on having my cert by the end of mid year holidays, but it looks like it might not be until end of year holidays now...



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I would like to know exactly the reverse of this, whether RAA hours can count towards GA, or at least make GA PPL easier to get, ie, similarity of training modules with mutual acceptance between RAA-GA. For example cross country flying RAA hours and training counting twoawrds the PPL Navexes.



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Hey guys,


Simple answer to both questions is yes, both ways. Any 3 axis powered aircraft logged in your book counts as flying time towards either category. Jake I know for sure all GA time does count towards the RAA license. I hold a PPL and am doing the RAA conversation, which is considering in that case as an endorsement as opposed to a full license. An instructor needs to sign me out as competent in flying RAA aircraft (it used to be a minium 5 hours but is now purely competency based).


I also know that RAA time does count towards your GA time, how ever GA instructors tend to turn their noses a little towards RAA pilots. In other words Damkia if you hold an RAA endorsement you can bet your bottom dollar your going to a little more than the minimum time needed in something with VH painted on the side to get that new ticket. You will also need to complete all the PPL theory exams if you did not do so as part of you RAA license, plus controlled airspace and a few navs. While your RAA navs will help with experience and building up that time, I highly doubt you will find an instructor who will let you get a PPL without a nav. Either way the PPL exam is going to contain a nav so it is a good idea to do a couple with an instructor in the aircraft you would be doing the final exam in.


You will need to check the official regs (or wait for some one with a touch more knowledge to jump on here!) to find out the exact hour levels and experiences required in both VH and RAA aircraft to obtain each license. The regs will specify if there is an hour component required per registration category and should be fairly easily found on both CASA and RAA websites. LAst I heard if it was a 3 axis powered aircraft than the hours where acceptable in either category.



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