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Not really A trip but an adventure.


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Not exactly a Trip but it was a bit of an adventure.


About two months ago Two friends and I purchased a Thruster T-500 in a partially dismantled state. It had been undergoing a re-build for the past 8 years by two separate owners who both had lost interested at some stage and the family pushed them a little to get rid of one of there toys. This is where our story starts.


We drove down to Yeppon to pick up our new toy and where very happy when we finally got a good look at it as it was in pretty good shape. After very long day we got it back to our work hangar and retired with a few ales to celebrate getting it back in one piece.


Over the next few weeks it all slowly came together with very few hitches thanks as always to Tony’s help. I already own another Thruster so I kind of knew what to expect but there is always something that you can’t quite remember how it is suppose to go!


So Seven weeks after our purchase and a few longs days slaving away in the hangar it was time for its test flight. This was left up to me (Thanks guys!!) mostly because I had done most of the work and I am also the only one with time on type. Now anyone that says the first test flight in fun is a complete liar! But after 20 minuets with some steep turns and stalls it was time to come down and see if I could remember how to land a Thruster. All went very well with only some slight trim adjustments needed not bad I thought! Now Thruster 25-0295 is back in the air where is should be after what could be described as a very long re-build!

















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That's great news Adam - well done!


It's always great to hear about an aircraft getting a new lease on life through the hard efforts of those that care



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Guest David C

Hi Adam


What a good read , and a lovely little machine too . I'm very envious of anyone who flies around the beautiful Whitsundays , but in a Thruster that has to be one of the great pleasures in life . I visited Shute Harbour Airfield about 6 weeks ago , what a fantastic little airfield ... Well done ..;)


David C



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