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Moyes Dragonfly


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Hi has anyone had anything to do with the dragonfly they use them for tugs for hanggliders


intrested in performances how they handle.


cheers Geoff...



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Guest Maj Millard

Yes I have flown one years ago in Nevada. They are loosly similiar in design to a Drifter but an original design by Bill Moyes and specifically designed to tow hang-gliders aloft. the hang-glider sits on a four-wheeled dolly and lifts off that as the Dragonfly accelerates. I viewed some excellent footage recently on Dragonfly flying on this forum which you may want to seek out....................................................................................Maj...



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It's here

Hi thanks l have seen all the footage on utube and other sites l think they are an amazing aircraft what l have seen .

l wanted to see if anyone here had any experience with them,l am surprised that we haven't seen them around much .


l want something that flys slow and the figures l have they would be ideal what l am after just for fun not for towing.


l am going to contact them tomorrow to see what is around.


cheers Geoff



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The Dragonfly was actually designed by Bobby Bailey, hence the 'Bailey Moyes' DragonFly. Bobby is the pilot in a lot of the videos you see out of the states...certainly most where the plane is in some unusual attitudes, he lives at Quest Air in Florida. He built the plane 'around' himself so to speak. Rumour is he squatted in the corner with a cigarette, as he is won't to do, with a bottle of coke, some Twisties and a pile of aluminium tubing and built a plane. He is a really nice guy and lives to fly. He also built some quite amazing feather weight models before they started getting real small commercially. Controls were by way of small magnets to move control surfaces.... anyway...


Bill Moyes helped design/refine and finance the Dragonfly and of course looks after commercial construction to a large extent, but you will often find Bobby being flown over here to construct them from scratch or where they are sent too for assembly. The 'dolly's' we fly off for hang gliding are triangular in shape (3 wheels).


They are really an awesome aircraft, but require a slightly different skill set, more seat of the pants than a Drifter. You need to lead with a WHOLE LOT of rudder... just banging over the stick will not really have much effect, lots of foot work required though they are not very hard to fly...


About 12 years ago we started the Dalby Hang Gliding Club, born out of a ground tow operation, a couple of pilots came to Sth East Qld who owned a Dragon fly and we eventually moved it Dalby... but back then we had to keep it in a trailer so needed to take the wings and engine off after all our towing was done for the weekend 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif Then we arranged a lease of a hanger .... well a roof.... and through sweat and tears and lots of excellent support form members we eventually built the hanger in and now own the Dragonfly outright.


Bill is great fun....you will find Bill quite a character Geoff, and he will no doubt give you all sorts of grief that you want a Dragonfly that wont be used to tow, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses to sell you one or threatens the same 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif They are not cheap...but not expensive hard to pin down a REAL price on a new one but expect to spend circa 50k. If Bill likes you a lot and you use it to tow it might be cheaper 008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gif and 2nd hand you should be able to get one for under 30 for a perfect example I would guess. Bill now has all his fleet housed at Gulgong.


Feel free to PM me for a phone number to discuss!!


Down your way I would contact Peter Holloway 03 9 8 7 4 8 0 3 3 [email protected] Peter is a member of a syndicate/Hang Gliding club who recently purchased a Dragonfly. Lovely bloke who could no doubt assist with some info and a viewing...


Of course contact Bill as well... you will be far better person for the experience 009_happy.gif.56d1e13d4ca35a447ad034f1ecf7aa58.gif



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Thanks Tex l will contact Peter and see how l go .


l want a change of pace something slow with stol performance, l am going to sell the Skyfox shortly it doesnt get used much dont have the strip for it and mainly use the drifter .


ps thanks for the EGT senders great ..


cheers Geoff..



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