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  1. Time Left: 24 days and 4 minutes

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    Wanted Etype gear box with 2.62 gear set


    , Victoria - AU

  2. Hi Marty here what I found
  3. Hi again Marty yes understand now I will check my plans tomorrow let you know I have the lastest plans hopefully I get what you need cheers Geoff
  4. Hi Marty what do you mean by fixed fin haven’t seen that mentioned in my plans
  5. Hi I use king chrome got 2 1/4 and 1/2 inch drive never had any issues
  6. Think it’s just the motor
  7. Hi sandman worth about $200 as is
  8. Thanks for your information all sorted now couldn’t work out why my prop wouldn’t fit bolt pattern a lousy 1.6 mm difference . Cheers
  9. Hi could someone tell me if the bolt pattern on the prop hub of a Rotax 912 ul or uls is different to a rotax 914 please Cheers Geoff.
  10. No if it’s not a certified aircraft you can fly it on condition .
  11. Thanks for the info ,get him to do some measurements see what he has Cheers Geoff
  12. My friend purchased a roll of fabric from Avi quip when they were closing down ,there are no identifying marks on fabric or the cardboard tube is there anyway of determining wether it is stits or ceconite .cheers Geoff.
  13. Yes at the carbys but I used a splitter box so only one cable attached to carby its self .
  14. Yes they work with dual throttles so long as you get the right one so passenger side isn't locked ,gets rid of all that linkage system mine works great
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