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UL Power fuel injected engine vs new Rotax fuel injected engine


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I'm sure that this will be a nice comparison. The UL Power is different in that it is direct drive and air cooled whilst the new Rotax 912iS has some water cooling and a reduction drive.


The UL Power has two lower octane versions available in the four cylinder model and two higher octane versions giving the following hp outputs: 97hp, 107hp, 117hp, and 130hp. The Rotax 912iS is set for 100hp (for now because it would not surprise me if this was tweaked somewhat once there are some hours up on the engine).


Youtube description by Dan Johnson:




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The Rotax is expensive in injected form. The basic motor is familiar, but there a re a few improvements to the oil pump and relief valve the reduction gear and the heads. As it is a geared unit. this has some advantages for prop selection. While the engine is not complex mechanically, is is medium- high revving, part liquid cooled, fairly light, and small displacement,( capacity) should be fuel efficient and with a proven record.


The UL has surprised me in how quickly they have finished this project, and be able to offer some variants. It looks a conventional air cooled flat four with the camshaft below the crank which is the best place for lubrication and avoiding corrosion. It looks well engineered, finished and detailed.


The two motors are not quite comparable in the true sense but since they could be an optional variant for some aircraft, the comparison should be made.



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