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What would be the best airfield for Darwin?


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The airfield is MKT last time I was there avgas was available, quite away out of town though no public transport or anywhere to hire a car locally. I'm sure though that some one from the club would be happy to help out though very friendly lot up there in the top end,



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Thanks Guy's. It seems this is the airfield everyone recomends.

retiredracer i flew a storch up to mkt darwin:score 010: couple years ago kept ringing the misses telling her the weather was bad 059_whistling.gif.a3aa33bf4e30705b1ad8038eaab5a8f6.gif:whistling:after a couple weeks there i broke free and escaped:im stupid: had a ball there:ah oh: ah_oh.gif.cb6948bbe4a506008010cb63d6bb3c47.gif dont tell the misses hi all at mkt dont worry wont bill 114_ban_me_please.gif.0d7635a5d304fa7bdaef6367a02d1a75.gif neil



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