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Do you want an ELT or a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)?


The Recreational Flying Pilot Shop has shipped out 3 PLBs in the last week and the only ones the shop here sells are the Kannad PLB because they are the only ones that will float vertically and transmit should you ever find yourself in the sea, lake, dam, river etc plus the Kannad brand is the one that many of the large aircraft use.


Hope this helps!



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Hi there mate, I got my ELT - a GME MT400 - from a marine equipment seller on eBay. I chose the model because its Australian made, has a 6 year battery life, and was relatively inexpensive at around $265 posted. The Kannard ELT was a bit cheaper and had a 7 year battery life, but did not come with a mounting bracket and was somewhat bulkier and heavier. If thats not an issue I would suggest also looking at one of those.


It is larger and heavier than a PLB but then again its a very useful 500g worth of equipment! I'd make the same decision again if I was in the same position.


Cheers - boingk



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