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Buying fuel....... cards

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hello all, as you might as well know, i have a Vampire, though it does have a 2 hr endurance, i will be needing to purchase fuel from various destinations. (carting 2x 20 lts premixed jerrycans around will exceed my MTOW) so my question is, where do you get those fuel cards from? is there different cards? or different card issuers? some better priced than others? the usual questions i guess.


Thanks in advance.





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I would also be interested in this. I had a poll recently to find out what fuel you all used so I could in due course start looking at getting fuel discount cards for forum members so this would help



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Guest Robbo



I have thought about it myself and someone once mentioned Skyfuel Australia for carnet cards. they are listed at camden in the ERSA.


I found their website via google and I have no experience with them at all.


It appears to be a one carnet card does all "fuel companies" type thing









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Guest brentc

I have the full array of cards in my plane.


- Mobil and BP I got from Tysons refuelling in Moorabbin.


- Shell I got from Shell themselves in Melb (I just rang and asked for aviation dept)


- I also have an SAAA BP card which gives me a 6c a litre discount


I applied when I had an 'ultralight' so there shouldn't be a problem getting them. The trick is to put a high monthly figure on your application, like say $200+ per month, otherwise it's not worth them giving you the card and they may not want to issue it.



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I have skyfuels cards.


Just one application and they send all 3 cards ,shell, BP.....


very convenient as they send just one monthly account for all 3.


My plane has been sidelined most of the year (engine probs) so the accounts have been very intermittent and small (only flown 20 hours)-- it has not caused any probs.





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