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First Lesson for 18 years

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Hi everyone,


after many delays due to weather and aircraft mechanical problems, just had my first lesson in a Gazelle. I had learned to fly a Thruster in the late eighties and decided it was a good time to get back into flying. Interesting that although I had about 40 hours experience (18 years ago) I still wanted to squeeze the life out of the stick at first. Cant wait for my next lesson.;)



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Congrats, glad you went back then...obviously.


I was there yesterday. I was the one in the aero club shirt who had the cast of thousands turn up when you landed. A friend was going for an aerobatic joyflight then I had a lesson in JUD.


Well you certainly picked a fantastic day to get back into it. The weather was just brilliant. Now all you have to do is get the wife and the young fella into it too.


See you down there some time.





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