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Very interesting session today

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Went back up in the trusty lil' jabiru, been a couple of months so mostly a consolidation/review. Pretty high winds and a fair amount of bumpiness, so that was pretty cool. Felt reasonably in control, and no more than duly concerned about the bumps.


After awhile, off to my 1 o'clock high, I look out and see an acrobat givin' it a real work out. While it was neat to watch, it was a little disconcerting because there was no telling where he was going to pop up next.


Then after landing, (this is the interesting bit), as soon as we pulled off the active and started to taxi back, the left main blows and flops right off the rim. Spent the rest of the arvo learning about how to call for help when these sorts of things happen. No person or property was damaged, but I did spent the rest of the day feeling rather lucky it didn't choose to blow on touch down. It was a good practical lesson - 1. really check those tyres and don't go up if the canvas is showing anywhere and 2. some of the ins and outs of the operations at the airport, how to get help when needed and 3. what a great bunch of blokes there at Bankstown, in operations (Tony who helped us with rides and phone numbers, thank you!) and people willing to lend a hand and push/pull.


So I guess that's probably my first "story", as all my other sessions I think have been pretty normal. Hopefully all my stories will have a happy ending and a lesson somewhere in there...



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