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SCi Aviation 65HP R582 replacement?


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MODEL V2-65DTYPE Two Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled, 8 Valves, SOHC


DISPLACEMENT 800cc (49ci)




POWER 65 hp @ 6000 rpm (49KW @ 6000 rpm)


MAX. TORQUE 64 ft/lbs @ 4000 rpm (86Nm @ 4000 rpm)


PRSU Direct Drive w/ vibration dampener


PROPELLER ROTATION CCW from front (CW from cockpit)




CYLIINDER BORE 91 mm (3.58 inches)


CYLINDER STROKE 61.5 mm (2.42 inches)


LUBRICATION Pressure & Splash


ENGINE MANAGEMENT Delphi EFI & Ignition W/ Engine ECU


STARTER 12 vdc Electric


ENGINE WEIGHT 92 lbs (42kg) dry


DIMENSIONS 18” (460mm) Wide × 18” (460mm) High× 18.6” (390mm) Long


ENGINE COOLING Liquid w/ Radiator


CAM DRIVE Silent Chain w/ Tensioner



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Very interesting. Similar to my Moto Guzzi V65's engine, but with the promise of more efficency and reliability.


After lots of research into adapting car or motorcycle engines for my plane, it turns out (after adding radiator and PSRU) that none was nearly as light as the Jabiru.



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160 hp (120HP at 75% per RAA???) Current as of less than a week ago...


From http://www.airventure.org/news/2012/120728_sci-powers-up-at-airventure.html


"This engine was developed over the last six months and assembled over the last six weeks for AirVenture display. The four-cylinder engine on display provides 160 hp at 195 pounds with an introductory price of $12,500."


reading further a stunning bit of engineering and electronics with separate ECU's for injection and ignition for each cylinder!


Note that it is a Chinese company that has bought out a UK company "shell" of a deceased estate.



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