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Dry air pump


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If you are planning not to use it for a while you can pull the spark plugs out and spray some LPS 3 or similar inhibiting oil in the cylinders and then put some desicant plugs in it. ( they look like a spark plug but have the silica moisture absorbing beads in them.) This is what we do with all our Lycoming and Continental engines at work if we are not going to use them for a few months. Hope this helps.



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What is the best way to reduce moisture building up in my engine during winter, is there a air drying system?

After an engine run and is hot, pull the oil filler cap or dip stick out and let it cool while removed as then moisture can evaporate outside the engine, or a descent breather system.



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Don't forget to seal the end of the exhaust pipe and the air intake as well as the crankcase breather hole. Simply wrapping a few layers of Glad Wrap will do. This will prevent air moving in and out of the engine as the atmospheric pressure changes as various air masses move across your area.





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