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Welcome Bundyflyer. I am from Bundy also. Working over in Kununurra until mid 2013 then back home.


We have a Hangar and RV9A at the Bundy airport. I also have a Rans S6ES (retirement project) to put together when we get home.





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Just saying a hello. Base in Bundaberg ,just commenced scratch building a Zenith CH650B

Sorry but you can't build an imported, all metal and possibley Rotax powered aircraft if you live in Bundy. Just not allowed!!! 029_crazy.gif.9816c6ae32645165a9f09f734746de5f.gif008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gifaugie.gif.8d680d8e3ee1cb0d5cda5fa6ccce3b35.gif



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