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Hi All


Just went and ordered the trophies for the flyin - really nice ones and they are not your average trophies - glass/crystal ones with the logo and text etched in.


Trophies are for:


1. Best presented aircraft


- I will have to give some thought on who will judge this one - perhaps everyone that attends can vote


2. Furthest Travelled


- as it means - who ever has travelled the furthest to come to our flyin


3. Best Spot Landing


- 1 competition will be for the pilot who can land within a designated spot


4. Blind Circuit


- the pilot who can fly the most accurate circuit to the correct altitudes and airspeed etc whilst the passenger (an instructor from Hastings District Flying Club) has the Alt and ASI covered


5. Best Pilot


- this is a special trophy for the pilot that is the overall winner of the two competitions


6. The ??????? Award


- this is an award that will be a surprise on the day so you all have to come to the flyin to find out if you end up the lucky/unlucky winner of this Recreational Flying award


I want to say a special thanks to the guys at Hastings District Flying Club who will be conducting the competitions - the instructors Adam and George will be there running it and as their club runs this type of competition each month they are very familiar with what is required.


It should be a load of fun ;)



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Ian,


Crikey Ian...another $500 plus out of your pocket?


Nevertheless very thankful.





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Student Pilot - just the Sat afternoon.


JL - that's what the shop is for so everyone please purchase your aviation needs from the shop here - it's even cheaper then going elsewhere and it ALL goes back into this website for you all - everyone wins.



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