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More on the Camden Haven Flyin


I will be attending the Inaugural Recreational Flying Flyin  

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  1. 1. I will be attending the Inaugural Recreational Flying Flyin

    • I will be there on my own in an aircraft
    • I will be there with a passenger in an aircraft
    • I will be there on my own in my car
    • I will be there with a passenger in my car

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Hi All


With the help of Adam (Booker YPMQ here) we have been putting the finishing touches to the flyin.


There will be a Pilot Information Release that can be printed from this forum 1 week before the flyin that will contain all the information you will need in attending the Flyin.


Invitations have gone out to many flying clubs in the area like Newcastle, kempsey etc etc etc so there should be a lot of interesting aircraft and people there apart from just us forum members - Forum members will be grouped together though - if they want to that is ;)


Arrive Friday (or Sat) with a landing fee of $10 which will help subsidise the costs of the airstrip, aircraft parking, camping and the hire of 2 porta-loos.


There are 2 onsite vans that are fully contained and sleep 4 (1xdbl bed & 2 singles) which are available to be booked at $80 for the weekend so please let me know if you want one of these. Please note though that these onsite vans will also be used for showering and extra toilets as well for those that attend the flyin.


Friday evening will be a barby with sausages, hamburgers, bread & butter and some salads. Cost will be a donation in a hat. Drinks of both alcohol and soft drink will also be available for purchase at normal Aero Club prices.


The evening will be filled up with general chat, meet & greet and possibly a screening of the DVD One Six Right on a couple of little LCD screens.


Saturday morning there will be available again for a donation in a hat, Bacon, Eggs, Juice, Cereal, Tea & Coffee. Unfortunately toast will not be available unless anyone has a portable flame thrower ;)


Saturday morning will be for local flying of this fantastic scenery. There is also fishing in the river, the odd car available for anyone who wants to go and see the local sights, example for partners etc. Great walking tracks and no doubt Bob will show you through his hangars and his pride and joy - his Hatz bi-plane.


Saturday Lunch will be sandwiches done by order - you place your order in the Rec Flying tent and they will be made up by a local supplier and delivered to the Flyin. Softdrink at normal prices, Tea & Coffee also available for free - in fact Tea & Coffee will be available for free throughout the event.


Saturday afternoon Adam and George will conduct the competitions for those that want to try their hand. Those that don't can also watch with interest - it's all about having some fun.


Some of the trophies for the competitions are:








Saturday evening will be dinner at the Hastings District Aero Club clubrooms. Everyone will be taken by coach up to Port Macquarie - some interesting fun in the coach on the way up. The dinner will be 2 courses with the first your choice between Lamb or Pork from the Spit and dessert will be either Pavlova or Trifle. The club bar will be open for refreshments. CASA will be there to provide a discussion/talk on things like "What do you do when you find yourself in IMC" and "Human Factors" - Human Factors will be good seeing we will all have to sit a test on this in the future to keep our Pilot Certificate. Chris (Techman here) from the RAAus office hopefully will also be doing a spiel on an interesting topic of his choice (he hasn't confirmed yet so guys - sent him a PM to convince him 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif). The cost of the night will be $24 for the Spit Roast meal and $10 for the Coach.


Sunday morning again will be a breakfast for a donation in a hat, Bacon, Eggs, Juice, Cereal, Tea & Coffee.


The rest of Sunday will be your choice - some will be leaving, local flights first, perhaps a trip up to Port Mac and some local sight seeing and then back to Camden Haven for the night with a Monday departure - overall though it will be your choice and perhaps there may be some organising on the day if enough want to do a particular thing.


The point of the entire weekend is to get together and have some fun, get to meet other forum members, see their aircraft and all is absolutely superb flying surroundings.


I am not sure at this stage if I will bring anything from the shop with me to help offset the cost of the event. As I will be flying I would need someone that wants to go and was going to drive from Melbourne to bring it up so if there is anyone then I can supply the car and fuel if you do - just let me know.


Please, please, please - if you think you can come then vote in the poll in this thread so I can get an idea of numbers for the catering etc - I know I would very much like to meet you all in a relaxed and fun surroundings. It would be good to have a target of 50+ so please do try and make it.


Hope to see all of you there.









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Guest sypkens

Sorry Ian, can't make it in the drifter in one day but would love to be there. It is my daughters first birthday party and daddy has to have a few drinks with the other parents.:confused:



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That's a pitty Jan, but remember that your child's first birthday is, apart from their 21st, the biggest one - for the parents that is, to have one almighty great time - the child doesn't know what all the fuss is about so the parents have to make it one to be remembered ;)



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Guest JRMobile

Hi Ian


Any Pub's or motels handy, as the navigator is a bit partial to a warm bed this time of the year.


Cheers John



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There is an on-site van available for $80 the weekend plus there are pubs etc in the town at Camden Haven - let me know if I can help you organise anything



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Guest JRMobile

Mike and Ian


Thank you gentelmen - Im on the case after i post this. My apologies Ian for directing the question to you as i have just realised Riddells Creek is a fare hike from Camden Haven.025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif


Cheers John



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Sorry Ugly...


I finally got on to Bob - the owner of the strip late yesterday to confirm a few things and yes you have one of the cabins reserved for you. The cabins do come with linen as well.



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