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Guest Redair

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Guest Redair

Greetings each, well having just registered, I received a private message to suggest that I post into Just Landed, and introduce myself.... strange, can't get rid of this feeling that I've been here before!! Could be that I have in a past life or something, or maybe it was just because I got bumped off the site for no apparent reason and had to re-register... ah well, what ever, we'll see how long I last this time!!


Regards, Redair.



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Hi Redair


There are a couple of reasons why you may have had your registration deleted:


1. You hadn't logged on for some time like 2 months


2. You provided information in your registration that either wasn't kept current or was false in the first place.


For example I am just about to delete the user "Big daz" because his email address just bounced on me so I tried ringing the phone number that was provided in the profile (only I can see this information) and the phone number was incorrect - so this user is about to be deleted.


Every month I do a check on currency of email addresses of ALL forum members to keep everyone here safe from undesirables and the information you provide protected and if any prove to be wrong then I immediately delete the user. If they come up again later then I block their computer from accessing this site and on it goes. Unfortunately if a member changes their email address without updating it here then they end up getting trapped in this system and they get deleted. I am sorry if this happens to anyone by mistake so please to everyone else it would help me and save a lot of problems later if you can keep your email address and contact number up to date - it would be great if you could.


I also know when two people access this site from the same computer - in fact I today advised one member whom I am starting to trust that either they used another members computer or they used theirs. These security systems happen behind the scenes and are in place to protect everyone here - I try to maintain this site to be honest and professional so I am guessing your problem must have been no1 above.


Anyway, welcome back :big_grin: and I hope you enjoy your stay!



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G'day Redair,


I seem to recall sending you a greeting once before, so If you're going mad, so am I. Anyway, welcome to the forum. What part of SA are you from and are you intending to take lessons?





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