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Guest David C

Have a great time over there . I reckon every able bodied aviator should make a pilgrimage to Oshkosh , once in their life . A bit like Mecca for airplane enthusiasts . My day is yet to come , hopefully in the not too distant future . Green with envy springs to mind right now .Good to see you will be representing us over there .


Dave C



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Guest Ken deVos

Hi Ange


Hope you and the Cobden crew have a safe trip and a fabulous adventure. Really looking forward to your trip report on your return.


Kind regards





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You can tell Lew the Pup is going beautifully, only problem is the one seat, girlfriend doesn't like me flying unless I take her. I've suggested that I could fit roof racks and she could hang on but she's not too keen on the idea, so it's back to hiring the club's Lightwing often enough to keep her happy :-(




BTW I went to Oshkosh last year, spent a total of 7 weeks in US, did Smithsonian and a few other places I wanted to see, totally wrecked by the time I came home but well worth it.



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I will ask the others permission, and if they agree, I will put up our itinery, and the people going.


I can access the net from the EAA members marque, so perhaps I can keep you posted from onsite.


Some of the highlights of AirVenture already listed are:-


Beach Boys concert Monday night.


13,000 aircraft parked onsite.


Glacier Girl. (Lockheed P-38)


Theatre in the Woods.




Aviation Greats.


NASA exhibition.


EAA museum.


Seaplane Base.


Heaps of forums and workshops. The daily schedule looks awesome. Link




and the Oshkosh AirVenture link : www.airventure.org





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Hi All,I will wear my Recreational Flyer T shirt with pride, and fly the flag for the group!




On'ya Ange - wear it with pride ;) 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif



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