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Slow system or internet response


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Hi Crew


I met a forum member today who is on dail up internet.


He says his internet connection is at 31 kb/sec. He says that he cannot get on because it just takes too long a time to upload the data and keep going.


One of his complaints was about the overhead of the of the moving scenery but I see on my machine, ADSL at 512 Kb/s, that it appears to be loaded once and then does not need updating continuously.


From his brief (angry) description it sounded like the forum was virtually frozen on his machine once he loaded it.


I suspect that he has something wrong with his computer or the software set up but have not seen it or discussed it one on one. I don't know what software or computer model he is using.


He has reached the point where he is "going to leave the forum" because he just can't get to the "good stuff on the forum" because it is so slow".





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Hi Ross,


I'm on ADSL but about 3 Kilometres from the Exchange so my average is 27.5kb/sec!


I'm also on a "capped plan" with Telstra which means after I've used my 10Gig they "shape" my d/l speed to 64kb/sec - so basically it means I'm unaffected.


Irrespective - whilst it does take a little while to load the pages it's certainly not that frustrating - as you surmised, I believe his problems lie elsewhere.





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Guest Andys@coffs



It was my understanding that unless a line was capable of supporting ADSL 1 at 1.5Mbps (Which is a test that is done during the provisioning process) Telstra would not provide ADSL to the customer.


As such if you really are only getting 27kbps then there is a problem on your setup. My guess is that you are actually getting 27kBbps (b=bits, B=bytes) which roughly translates to the oldest slowest ADSL ever offered, 256kbps down, 64kbps up. (for rough translateion there are 10bits per Byte, thats not actually correct, but close enough for this work).


3 km from the exchange (copper length not just direct line) is absolutely fine and you should be capable of getting a full 1.5Mbps if you were to upgrade to that capacity.


Dial up, on the other hand truely is in kbps so is probably 1/10th of the speed you are seeing.


As someone who uses full capacity of an ADSL2 connection I think Id almost junk my computing equipment rather than go back to dial up. In fact as a computing professional when it comes to moving house my wife looks for rooms and heating etc, I look at broadband connectivity options. A set of poor internet connectivity options is enough to kill a potential property for me.





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Andy - great minds think alike 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


When we were looking for a house to buy my wife Corrine found one so when I went to have a look at it I saw that Optus Cable finished 100 yards down the road so I wouldn't even go in and have a look.


Sain - yes that would be a better idea - every page has a "non-flash" page equivalent so if the flash plugin was turned off in either IE or Firefox then the standard html page would only be shown. Although, having said this the flash is only loaded once and stays in cache so when you next return to the site the flash file is played from the computers own hard disk and not the website.


Hope this helps!



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