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A well deserved Thank you

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Just a post to Give a very well deserved THANK YOU to Ian, for organizing a very well run and well attended Inaugural Recreational flyin at Camden Haven!


I had a Ball! it was fantastic to put faces to screen names! and the interesting conversations around the fire on Friday and sat night! and a thank you as well to The Hastings District flying club for the great dinner and presentations at Port Macquarie.


and lastly, a very big thank you to Bob, the airfield owner! what a superb location! and he is a wealth of knowledge, and he helped my out of a minor situation when i realised i forgot to bring the wing gap fairings! the Vampire flies even faster now, being red to start with, and now with 2 new gap fairing made of all things, SPEED TAPE! i even saw 103 Kts on downwind!!


To Ian, Bob, the Hastings flying club, and all others involved..




Pics will be up soon!



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Guest David C

I am so pleased that the event was such a success . I was unable to attend this time , but heres hoping that this inaugural event is the first of many . I can only start to imagine the trepidation that Ian must have been feeling leading up to the weekend . Thanks Ultralights for posting this thank you and although not an attendee I would like to join you in passing on my regards to all who made the weekend such a success . Hope to make the next one .


Dave C



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Thanks Guys - it was a great success with the most important thing - a chance to get together in fantastic surroundings, have some fun and talk shop to our hearts content. The other good thing was the huge amount of the public that came in to see the aircraft and find out more. I very much believe that there are a lot of people around the Camden Haven area now that know a lot more about recreational aircraft.


There were 26 aircraft and 1 that didn't land - he waent past so fast and low that I didn't think I should count him (the Strikemaster) but he also put on a great didplay for us.


Will have to start organising the next one, The Great Southern Flyin now with all your input - naturally.


Will get the pictures up when I finally get home.



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