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Camden Haven Flyin Pictures


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Guest floatHigh

Thanks for posting the images Ian. I could only scan through them quickly, but some of the machines looked most interesting,


and we get a good idea of the location & occasion too! ;)



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Guest David C

Ian .... Many thanks for sharing the photos with us . A fantastic collection of aircraft , and I'm even more :yuk: with envy . You really captured the atmosphere for me .


Dave C



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With weather as it was, and the overall result, I have to say it was a great weekend. I am sorry I could not get there earlier, but I do believe I did more orbits than anyone...;)


Plane had a great wash though so thats a good thing, as we are not allowed to use a hose to put out a fire anymore let alone wash our planes!:devil:


Thank you for such a great weekend and I see as a result I have introduced a new member J400 Classic!


Cheers and all the best!


David (J430)



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