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Fatal C150 crash in the UK - 16yo pilot


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This is one of the saddest reports I think I've ever seen.




A 16yo student was on his second solo flight at a controlled airport in the UK. He had a dual check and was then sent up to do a few circuits on his own. The controller asked him to backtrack and he obviously didn't know what that meant, so he was probably feeling nervous when he was eventually cleared to take off.


On downwind it seems he was told he was Number 1.


On final he was told to go around, then to orbit - not through any fault of his own, but because a faster aircraft was coming in behind him and they wanted to make room for it.


So this young (16yo) student on his second solo ever had been confused before take off, set up as number one, then asked to go around, then asked to orbit. He was in a C150 with flap out, trying to orbit on final. He stalled and crashed nose first into a park, with the tail of the C150 pointing straight up.


It's a real bl**dy tragedy. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


It's one to make me think. Students, please remember to fly as you know how and make that a priority. If you don't understand, please don't be afraid to speak up and say so! Controllers are just people like you. If you can't think of the correct phraseology, it doesn't matter, just talk to them. Say you are early solo, let them send around the other aircraft, no matter what it is. Instructors, please make sure your students know that they have the right to speak up and request what they want! Controllers, please remember early solo students may be nervous and they may not yet have the skills to deal with too many instructions while trying to fly the aircraft.


It's so terribly sad.



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Tragedy for sure.


Good advice Mazda. You have said it all well. You would have to feel for this young fellow, and wonder how the situation could arise where he was put into the situation he was. How many of your low hours students would handle this Ok? Very few ,I would suggest, & perhaps others as well. An aeroplane is not like a car, where you can pull over. Let NOTHING distract you from FLYING your aeroplane, for FLY it ,you must. Nev..



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I read the report of this on Avweb and it didn't give the info about thee backtracking. It said that the CAA "their version of CASA" was thinking of flagging students so that they could be given more help.


It appears that the student was on final with flaps out and carbie heat on, but what I find odd is that he was asked to go around to make way for a faster plane. What were the controllers doing to have him cleared for landing and then amending the clearance. Also what was the instructor doing sending out a student who did not have the ability to do a go-around.


A sad way to make the record books as the youngest ever British pilot to die in an air accident.



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