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Great trip today


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I did a great trip today - Riddells Creek - Shepparton - Tyabb (inland) - Riddells Creek (up the bay).


Tyabb have a great setup there and a fantastic Simulator that the club members built - it you were to buy one made up it would have to cost you about $200k.


Left Tyabb a little later then planned, saw my great Gazelle there, so I came up the bay past Moorabbin at 1,500ft - realised why I always like going inland as two aircraft past very close to me but a great ride nevertheless - fantastic weather so there was a lot of traffic, I think it must have been the first chance in this Melb winter to dust off the aircraft and go for a fly.


Got back to Riddells Creek and saw Ron, the owner, putting the electric doors on my hangar - they are going to be nice.



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G'day Ian, that is a good trip / loop that you did.


PS: the reason for the close call is that you should actually be at 2500' northbound in the VFR lane past Moorabin and around up to Altona as inbound traffic to Moorabin and traffic southbound in the VFR lane will be at 1500'. You should also be on Moorabin tower and advise them you're in the area while in the vacinty. Check out the Visual Flight Guide for Melbourne or the ERSA for full details.







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Thanks Matt - offcourse I should have been at 2,500 - my fault. I remember reading that at Tyabb and it completely slipped my mind but when I radioed Moorabbin tower at Carrum advising of my Northbound coastal route at 1,500 I am now surprised that they didn't advise me to climb to 2,500.


Another interesting thing is that just before I switched over to Melb Ctr I heard another call from an aircraft doing the same thing - Northbound at Carrum at 1,500ft.


The max alt there is 2,500 and I think I must have focused in my mind the max alt of 2,500 instead of the alt I should have been at.



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